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Our construction process begins with you.  We will meet on site to review  the project plan, and discuss how the construction process will proceed.  We ll work with you to set a schedule to finalize any selections that haven t been decided yet, and then we ll get to work.  Our seasoned construction project managers know how to not only manage construction, but also how to work with county officials, appraisers and bank reviewers, and of course, with you as the project progresses.  Our construction managers are typically on site at least once each day to review progress and ensure that the details selected for each home are being implemented as designed.  Once we are under roof, we typically have construction meetings with you weekly at the house.  This gives us an opportunity to walk the home and ensures we are meeting your expectations.  


Once construction is complete, we'll conduct a new home orientation with you.  This is designed to introduce you to all of the systems and features within your new home.  We want to ensure you love your new home and are completely comfortable within it.


See some chipped paint?  Nail pop on the drywall?  Not to worry, we will address any of those items during our 3 walkthroughs.  The first is done during our orientation process to catch anything following construction.  After 60-days we'll come back to review any items that may have come up due to early use.  We'll come back again after 9-months and handle any settlement cracks, nail pops, etc., but don't worry, we'll always be available should something come up in between those scheduled visits.  Just ask our clients!