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Decontruction and Demolition




Today's custom home buyers often choose to recycle materials from any older homes that may exist on their lot.  This is often done through a process called deconstruction.  A deconstruction contractor will come to the home once final permits are received, and in advance of demolition.  They will "harvest" all recyclable materials from the existing structure and then they sell or recycle the material to builders, remodel contractors, or homeowners for use in their projects.  TDI Homes can work with your deconstruction contractor to ensure minimal impact to the construction timeline.  In addition, there is often a sizable tax benefit that can be realized, if the deconstruction contractor is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  Ask us about how to realize this benefit as part of your project!



Whether you deconstruct or not, demolition is required prior to construction.  Deconstruction contractors do not remove all material and do not remove structural foundations.  Not to worry - we already planned for demo!  Our site team will prep the construction site to comply with all ordinances and then we'll arrange a demolition date.  (We'll let you know when so you can have a viewing party!).  The actual demolition usually only takes a couple of days, so we'll be moving on to construction quickly.