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Every new home will need some TLC in its first year.  Homes settle over time, fixtures get put to good use, appliances too - and things need to be fixed.  We include that warranty support in our first year.


60-Day Walkthrough

During the 60-day walkthrough, we focus on the major elements of the home to ensure that everything is working properly and that there are no issues with things like flooring, windows, doors, fixtures, cabinets, etc.  We want to capture anything that may have been missed at orientation and anything that may need repair after the first 2 months of being lived in.  We include 1 drywall and paint touch up visit as part of our 1st year bumper to bumper warranty so we advise homeowners to do that at the 9-month walkthrough after the majority of settling has occurred.  


9-Month Walkthrough

At our 9-month walkthrough, we want to take care of those things that have occurred due to settling in addition to those items that may need repair.  We will mark those areas that need drywall, paint, or caulk touch up and repair those items.  Anything else that may need repair gets added to the list here as well.


Comprehensive Service

We schedule these walkthroughs so that we can proactively address issues with our homeowners, but these are not the only times to address issues.  Our homeowners have access to our customer portal where they can report an issue at any time, and we will respond right away.  Rest assured that we will not abandon you when we hand you the keys.