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Custom Home on you Lot

In addition to speculative development, TDI Homes also provides design/build services to our custom home clients who wish to build their dream home.


TDI Homes will guide you through the entire process, from lot acquisition, through preliminary design, permitting, demolition, construction and completion – allowing you to focus on what you want and not the details of how to achieve it.


Each homebuyer is unique, so we work with you to capture your ideas, your lifestyle, how you'll use the home both now and down the road, and those things in a home that are most important to you. While we have plans to choose from, our goal is to deliver your dream home as you envision it.  We can work with you from just rough concepts to a fully working set of construction drawings.  TDI Homes is a small business so you'll work directly with Scott and Mike from contract-to-closing.  


Pricing for our custom projects average $170/sq. ft.  Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.