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We Purchase Homes

The challenge for any homeowner looking to sell their property is how to maximize their return and minimize the level of effort needed to do so.  


TDI Homes can help you on both counts.  We make serious, market bearing offers for quality properties.  And we move quickly with cash deals!


Did you know that you don't need a Real Estate agent to close a transaction in the Commonwealth of Virginia?  While real estate agents can provide valuable services (we love the service we receive from our Broker - Brock Realty), they can also erode the value to a homeowner selling their property to a builder.  The industry standard commission rates are around 6% of the total sales price to cover the selling agent and buying agent!  On a modest home price of $600,000 - that's ~$36,000 that leaves your pocket, leaving you with $564,000!  As a seller, your agent would need to be able to sell your property for closer to $640,000 for you to be able to realize a "take home" amount of $600,000 that you could receive directly from TDI Homes.


TDI Homes can also move quickly.  We have access to a variety of capital sources, and we can close transactions rapidly - getting you your money quickly!


Talk to us about buying your home - you'll be surprised how good an offer we can make, and how easy it is to work with us.