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Smart Home Features


Today's homes are more capable than ever.  From simple features such as motion sensor controlled lighting to complete home automation control systems, there are infinite possibilities to customize how tech-enabled you want your home to be.  We work with several home automation providers to bring our clients a customized solution that meets your desires.


We break home automation down into 4 broad categories and can create custom packages within each...



Technology now extends beyond simple alarm systems.  In addition to perimeter monitoring, we can include surveillance, remote access control, and active response.  


Lighting and Control

With control systems we can help you control almost anything with a switch or a plug in your home.  Create lighting scenes for your weekly routine, or have lighting respond to movement or schedule your lights to come on or shut off or all of these.  Control your HVAC systems so you can keep your expenses down while remaining comfortable when you are at home.  We can also control irrigation systems, garage doors, fence gates, pool systems, you name it!



With audio systems, you can install speakers during construction so they merge seamlessly with your home.  An audio controller allows you to play anything in your library or simply stream from your favorite service to any zone in your home.  We also work with our home buyers to configure media rooms for optimum theatre sound.



Video systems can enable you to transport HD video signals to anywhere in your home with no messy wires or set top boxes.


There are many options when it comes to Home Automation, so speak with us about what you want in your home.